Queued in Gmail: What Does Queued Mean in Gmail and How to Fix

Has Gmail been acting strangely lately? Is it true that after sending email after email, nothing ever arrives? Are the emails waiting for you in your outbox? If you are having these problems with the Gmail app, you have come to the correct spot for a solution. We will discover what “queued” in the Gmail program implies, What Queued means in Gmail, and eventually how to resolve the issue in this post.

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What Does Queued Mean in Gmail?

We must fully understand an issue before we can fix it, right? what does queued mean in Gmail? Your particular type of information refers to a build-up of emails in your app’s outbox. Which emails are automatically kept in the outbox area? It’s an outbox, as you may already be aware.

The emails you wrote and attempted to send did not go through for a variety of reasons and instead queued up in your Gmail application’s outbox.

Any smartphone running an operating system—Android, iOS, or Windows—can experience the problem. You won’t even be aware that the emails weren’t delivered to the correct addresses unless you check the outbox folder of the Gmail client. As one of the emails may be for an official job or financial information, etc., this might result in a devastating situation.

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Why Your Email? Why is my email queued?

Emails in Gmail may be in a queue for a variety of reasons or a combination of factors. You must be mindful of the issue’s underlying causes of Gmail queued, though.

For instance, if your Google account is destroyed or not correctly synchronized, the problem is not with the Gmail software and you must fix it from scratch by creating a new Google account or restoring an existing one

In addition to these kinds of unrelated or indirect issues, the main reasons why Gmail is queued and is backed up in the Gmail app are stated as follows:

Do you currently have a working internet connection? Or you want to know about queued meaning in Gmail. It can be the most absurd cause of the issue. The inability to send an email may also be due to slow internet speed. Before you do anything, check your server.

There’s a chance that your phone’s storage is full. If Gmail wasn’t granted adequate capacity, even a few megabytes necessary for email handling may be the covert cause. Additionally, the app has a limited amount of memory; if too many emails are saved in the box, the program will crash and stop allowing you to send messages.

Email attachments of a certain size are permitted in Gmail. Therefore, you cannot attach files larger than a few megabytes, since doing so would result in a failure and the email being sent to the outbox folder.

Another cause of Gmail mail queueing up is sending an excessive number of emails in a short period of time. Let some time pass. When the time limit is over, Gmail will automatically send the emails.

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Why is my email queued? A Few Things to Check Before Addressing Gmail’s Queued

Make sure Gmail is the issue—and not anything else—before we start looking for remedies to problems with the Gmail queue.

If you’re a Google user having trouble, make sure you first check these items:

Are you using the most recent version of Gmail?

Regularly check to see whether an update has been made. Your problem could have been fixed by Google in its most recent update.

Do you exceed the email’s permitted file size?

Verify that any attachments you send aren’t larger than GMail’s 50 MB file size limit before sending them.

Have you had an uninterrupted internet connection?

You may occasionally experience network-related difficulties that cause your Gmail messages to become trapped. Make sure your network connection is steady, whether you’re using mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Does Google have an issue with its servers?

Even though Google’s servers seldom fall down, it happens occasionally even if nobody plans for it. You can check the status of Gmail servers to know about queued meaning in Gmail. In such a scenario, rest assured that Google is attempting to resolve the issue. It’s important to confirm that the problem is with the mobile app alone.

Sending oneself an email from the web app on your PC is a useful method to achieve this. If you use the web app and there are no pending issues, you can tell that this is a mobile-specific issue.

How to solve Queues in Gmail: 5 Proven Methods

Keep in mind that the app will send the outbox emails automatically after the source of the Gmail queue has been eliminated, such as when the server is back up and running or storage capacity has returned. However, action must be taken whether you want the problem to be resolved immediately or if it lasts a long time. To know how to solve queued in Gmail, follow these procedures.

Step 1: On your phone, navigate to “Settings” and select “Apps and Notifications.


Step 2: Your phone will display a list of all the installed apps.

Step 3: Don’t worry, pressing the “Force Stop” button won’t harm your Gmail app or the saved emails.

Step 4: On that screen, select the “Storage” option.

Select storage and cache

Step 5: You will now be sent to a new window with two options labeled “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache.” Select each of these options one at a time to help clean out any incorrect files in the Gmail program, hopefully fixing the problem.

Clear Data and Clear Cache


Even though Gmail is a mostly error-free mail client, users occasionally encounter minor issues.

And one of these fixes should work if you’re one of the Gmail users whose emails are being trapped in your outbox folder.

FAQs on What Does Queued Mean:

What happens when an email gets queued?

The sender and the receiver are separated by an email queue. They are able to converse without being linked thanks to it. As a result, until the receiver is available to receive them, the queued emails wait to be processed. An email queue may be thought of as a buffer where emails are kept before reaching their destination.

What is an email queue?

A directory called “mail queue” holds information and manages files for mail messages that the Sendmail command sends. The mail queue’s default location is /var/spool/mqueue. There are several reasons to queue mail messages.

Why are sent emails still in the outbox?

The most frequent reason why a message remains in your outbox is a huge attachment. Working offline > Sending/Receiving

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