Top Interesting Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2024

With 5.7 million apps across Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we can say that there is an app for everything.

While it’s an opportunity for users to explore and download their desired apps, it’s a challenge for mobile app startups to grab the attention of users and find space in their phones.

So, if you are planning to create a mobile app, you need to come up with a unique and promising idea that fulfills the demand of users and becomes a million-dollar brand, like Clubhouse ;). It requires intense research, expert suggestion, rigorous planning, and timely implementation of content marketing for startups to establish credibility and recognition in the marketplace.

As you are here let us help you keep some of your hassles out by suggesting to you the top mobile app business ideas that guarantee success in 2021/22 or even further. But, before starting the app ideas, let’s get a glimpse of the mobile app market. 

Global Mobile App Market at Glance

218bn: Total number of mobile app downloads in 2020

$582bn: Total revenue generated through the mobile app in 2020

6.8m: Number of apps available across Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Windows Store & Amazon Store

88.7: Average number of apps installed by (U.S.) users

$154.05bn: Valuation of the Mobile app market as of 2019

$407.31bn: Projection for Mobile app market by 2026

Did you know users in the United States use around 25 apps monthly and 7-8 apps on daily basis?

So, your app idea has to be compelling enough to become one of the “7-8” apps. 

The future of the mobile app market is bright. A finding by Statista suggests that around $935 billion will be generated through paid mobile apps only in 2023, though it’s a projection only.

Top Mobile App Business Ideas to Start in 2024

#1: Augmented Reality (AR) App

Augmented Reality (AR) is the present and the future. Today’s users like to buy things or services that come with speed, comfort, and convenience. Take an example of a real estate company. When a buyer visits the under-construction site, it becomes a challenge for realtors to show how the house will look when it is ready. With the AR app, it becomes quite easy.

Using the app the builder can not just visualize the entire space in real-time but also help the buyers to interact with things. The visualization through the AR app will help builders to convert visitors into prospective buyers. 

#2: Food Delivery App

A food delivery app can also be the best idea for your startup business. Zomato, Uber Eats, Swiggy, etc. are the best example of it. The app will connect restaurants and customers together.

Users can place orders for food after exploring restaurants, menus, reviews, and ratings. You may have to work out on business model if you want to start with an aggregator model or create an individual restaurant app.

#3: E-Learning App

We all have been doing things online, from learning, and working to shopping due to the ongoing health crisis —COVID-19. If you have kids, they must be reading online using e-learning apps. So, it can be a great opportunity for your to build your own e-Learning app and grab the attention of students, teachers, and parents.

#4: Smart Parking App

As the number of vehicles is rising, parking space is getting smaller day by day. Drivers have manually find space to park their cars when entering the parking area.

Just think about a smart parking app that informs the driver about the vacant space as soon as he arrives at the parking area. An automated parking system is now possible with an app. Consider building such an app and making a successful business. 

#5: Cake Ordering App

Cake ordering can be small but the most profitable business at this time. You can start it by building an app and allowing users to choose and customize it for special occasions.

You have two options: either build a cake-ordering app as a platform to connect users and cake shop owners or you can build a cake ordering app for your cake shop individually. 

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to starting an app-based business, you can find thousands of ideas out there, though you need to choose the one that you believe can make it successful. You can take the help of experts to help you implement your ideas or connect with us and let us make your ideas into successful action.