The Untold Story Of Selena Vargas Story

What would happen if you come across the news that a person whom you were seeing daily, whether in the news or social media or person, suddenly disappeared? Yes, this is what happened to the person we are going to know in this article.

Selena Green Vargas, a well-known personality suddenly vanished and was not seen by anyone since June 19, 2015. On that night she went to attend the party with her friends at a nightclub in the area called Coachella Valley. She enjoyed the party as it was for her birthday. Selena and her friends spent the evening dancing and enjoying themselves.

Later her friends didn’t know that it might turn into the last birthday celebration of her friend Selena Green Vargas. What happened, how happened, and when it all started, we will discuss everything from scratch.

Who was Selena Green Vargas:

Selena Green Vargas

Selena Vargas was born on the 19th of July 1990 in a place called Bellflower, California. As we all know how social media plays its magic on today’s youth, back then also nobody was untouched by its spell.

The Internet has paved its way in the ’90s. It was more intriguing back then than that today. As other youths got the chance to build many friends, gain attention, and a way to socialize with so-called following numbers, Selena was also going through that age of an urge of being famous, and socialize via social media platforms. We all know the benefits of social media platforms until you are gaining attention.

But it always comes with a price that you might have to pay for the prerequisites you get. And without your knowledge, you might end up in a dark sphere from sparkling light and sensation. Because the popularity of social media may not always be for a good reason, and many people do not know this, especially when they are in their blooming age.

This incident is core information to know cause things got different after it happened. As some news did make Selena immediately famous, after her mysterious disappearance she sparked the internet with people eagerly wanting to know her and what had happened to her, and most importantly where is she?

Selena Vargas is mostly known for her acting career in adult films and modeling career. It was pretty hard to gather information regarding her as she went mysteriously missing after gaining popularity on social media platforms. Hence there is a lack of information regarding her.

Selena gained popularity only for a few days all over the internet. Though she had not been seen in a lot of adult films yet, she is considered among one of the famous adult film stars, on the basis of controversies she has been associated with.

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Selena is still professionally known as an adult film actress and she is still one of the best names in the industry. We can say that She has more than 14 million views on the adult videos that have been streamed on the platform so far.

Why Selena Vargas was Controversy:

There is a social media platform called 4chan. It was actually an image board site, that allows its users to post anything they want to while keeping their identity in disguise. So in 2015, there was an unknown person who posted an image of a US Navy Seal officer wearing his uniform and posing in the camera with a girl. Yes, as all of you have guessed already that girl was none other than Selena Vargas.

What was interesting was that the user who posted the picture on the site had introduced Selena as the Navy Seal guy’s girlfriend and he is taking pictures with his girlfriend. On top of that anonymous user, we also asked for other users’ views on the girl being the girlfriend of the Navy Seal officer.

But we all know what must have happened after that, as each of us has experienced what happens on these platforms, the users did respond as we had expected from them.

Many liked the way it was, many made fun of it, many didn’t like it and others started commenting and pointing out the career Selena Vargas had. Users started defaming her and mocking her and saying about their great performance in her videos.

From calling her a porn star and criticizing the way she will destroy or will cheat the guy in the image to stating that she is wearing the same outfit she had worn in one of her adult videos (a pair of denim with a black shirt).

Not only that, one of the users who must have been following her adult videos put the link to her videos in the comments. Hence, they all gave their contributed to making the situation embarrassing.

Matter of fact that nobody knew the guy and yet they said so much, without considering how he may take it or not. But the website responded quickly and the man who was in a Navy Seal outfit didn’t reveal his identity.

All you have been wondering what happened to Selena Vargas after that, so after the controversy she disappeared from social media platforms without informing a single person or any update. After the incident, many people searched for her but after much digging, they found Selena’s Instagram account.

And her account was private nobody could see whatever she posts or not, her handle was @selena. green. vargas with only 424 followers. In her bio, it is written that “Before you judge me, be sure that you are in perfect shape” She also possesses a Tiktok account @selenagreenvergas yet it is not confirmed who is the actual person behind this account.

Other Controversies Related to Selena Vargas’s Disappearance: –

There are other statements from Selena’s family and friends regarding the disappearance of her. They stated that she went missing on the night of her birthday celebrations spent with her friends. They state that Selena was an excellent daughter as well as a sister, her sister was 16 when Selena went missing.

Her family has been devastated after this happened, they have tried their best to gather information regarding her since then yet, failed. Her friends who were there with her have stated that she left the nightclub at around 2:00 am with one of her friends, who then dropped Selena at a nearby gas station. And it was the last time anyone saw her. Her car was found near the gas station and her phone as well as her purse were missing.

The sudden disappearance made authorities and social media drive the search campaign. Selena’s family and friends got interviewed by the investigators who were trying to connect the dots. Despite conducting a massive investigation including search operations with forensic interrogations it leads to nowhere.

Nobody could suggest that it was an abduction, foul play, or voluntary disappearance. What is most heartbreaking to see is Selena’s family members and her friends have faced and yet they have kept her memories alive.

Let’s hope no one should face this kind of pain. But the truth will only be known when Selena Vargas is found.


As we know that social media has its own merits and demerits. So people must constructively express their opinions hence, it does not corner anyone’s feelings. In this article, we see many controversies faced by Selena, which may or may not be led to her disappearance. To date, she has not been seen or found. Let’s hope wherever she is she must be in good condition.