How To Monitor What Your Kids Are Downloading Online?

The internet is available for everyone’s needs. There aren’t even many restrictions that you see in the virtual world.

Everyone can access everything!

Even if something is restricted based on the country protocol, you can browse it with just a VPN installation of VPN. Although having all the information at one’s fingertips can be an excellent deal, it can be dangerous at some level.

Yes, hackers are sitting behind the screen to steal all your data!

But aren’t we forgetting about something?

If everyone can access it, the underaged kids also belong to this equation. Kids, especially teenagers, have a lot of excitement which doesn’t complement well with their vulnerable minds and the infinite reach of the internet.

Therefore, it is your duty to protect them as a parent, but how?

Well, here is your answer!

Why Should You Supervise Kid’s Downloads?

When you monitor your kid’s download, it could look very infiltrating, but it is necessary to some extent.

For example, they are downloading something from a malware link, and suddenly your entire device is filled with viruses.

Kids love to explore and have enough curiosity to browse through anything and everything. But, unfortunately, they might not know when their data is being breached.

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with downloading free games and content from, they should also know how to practice safe browsing and safe downloading.

Ways To Monitor Their Downloads

Now that we have covered the reasons for monitoring as a parent, you do not have to feel guilty anymore. Instead, start by following these few steps to ensure they are safe over the internet.

1. Be Transparent

Kids are getting very tech-smart nowadays, so if you act suspicious, there is a possibility they will know ways to hide their shady downloads. So be transparent to them and talk about the perils of the internet.

You can even sit with them and check through the downloads and educate them about the places from which they should conduct the downloads.

2. Restrict Certain Content

You can go to google settings and easily block certain websites which you do not want your child to browse.

This is the easiest way to prevent them from getting exposed to something explicit which might not be appropriate for their age.

Settings- Screen Time- Content & Privacy Restrictions, and then select the allowed content.

3. Check Their Application Download History

If you want to see what your kids are downloading from the different app stores, there is a way to do that.

You have to go to the application and then select the menu from the menu options, select account, and then order history. You can switch between accounts if your kid has a separate account.

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4. Download A Parental Monitoring Application

There are many applications in the virtual space that allows you to monitor your child’s screen timing. These are versatile built programs that allow you to control screen timing by scheduling them.

They can even show you the download history and understand the hours spent on each application.

5. Teach Them About VPN

This is the first thing you need to teach them when you preach, save browsing and downloads. Give them an idea about the functions of the VPN and why it is so crucial to protect their online identity.

Try not to sugarcoat anything and give them the true reality of the dangers of the internet.

6. Run Their Downloads Through Antivirus

Each week, take out some time and run antivirus on all the applications that have been downloaded. This will help you check whether what they are downloading is safe.

Check the URLs for each download for any malware, and restrict these websites if you find any.

7. Research About Their Online Streaming

If they are streaming free content online, or even playing online games in streaming communities, research about them.

You wouldn’t be able to protect them from shady downloads or streaming if you do not have much knowledge about it. So if you want to protect your ‘tech savvy’ kid, you need to become technologically educated yourself.

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Protect Your Kids!

As a parent, you will be able to notice some suspicious activities. If they are hiding their phone too much, or their applications are password protected to restrict your access.

Do not try to go through their texts over social media, but check whether they have blocked you.

Do not infiltrate their privacy, but at the same time, become slightly strict about their streaming and downloads!