Latest Mobile App Development Trends for 2024 and Beyond

In the year 2024, a lot of new trends will be observed or a big upgrade to what the users have been using already. The improvement in hardware is going to make way for the mobile app development trends this year. But the user’s demand is what helps to bring innovation. Here are some of the new ideas and exciting trends that must be observed well in the year 2021.

The on-demand mobile app will increase:

Since the last year, mobile apps have gained tremendous popularity. The in-demand mobile apps can be used anywhere at our convenience. Usually, the maximum apps that come under this country are Food ordering apps, cab service apps and cleaning, renting apps, etc. This will bring about several startups working in the field.

App security is the priority:

According to a report, more than about seventy-five percent of the apps in the market might not even pass a security test. So in the year, 2021 security is becoming an important factor for mobile app developers.

Improvement in AR and VR:

Almost all of us must have come across augmented reality and virtual reality in today’s time. And there is no doubt that both of these technologies have brought about a revolution when it comes to the entertainment and the gaming world.

Cloud-based app development:

Many mobile application development companies are adopting cloud-based app development technology. This is to ensure that we see better-streamlined operations, increased productivity, and technology. These apps can get data from the cloud and hence can reduce the load on the internal memory. This might eventually be beneficial for business owners and app developers.

Blockchain technology:

It has been in trend already and it is also so much more than just the technologies behind cryptocurrencies. Blockchain (the technology behind Web3) can really add so much more value to the lives we currently spend that includes financial work. can really add so much more value to the lives we currently spend that includes financial work. This year it is expected to become more and more prevalent in everyday life and business.

Improvement of Artificial Intelligence:

This year Artificial Intelligence is going to provide people with many advantages through advanced analytics and cognitive interfaces to the complex system.

With Microsoft pix being an example we are able to recognize how powerful artificial intelligence can get in proving to be in the mobile app space.

The exponential increase of business bots:

One of the fastest-growing technology is chatbots and the market is expected to reach about six billion dollars by the end of the year 2024. Chatbot technology, when combined with the mobile app, provides better customer interaction for the business.

Many more chatbot technologies is being used by other businesses in order to give customers better engagement and provide more sales.

Productive analytics to influence the mobile UI/UX:

Mobile apps are going to move on from being just utilities to becoming an important part of your work. Big companies like Facebook and Google have already been employing AI to use predictive analytics to improve the customer journey across the UI/UX of the app and this year will witness more advancement in the field for sure.

Accelerated mobile pages will find more relevance: 

AMP listings were also integrated in the year 2016 on Google. Inculcating them within the app framework, developers have been able to come down to this version of HTML for better user experience and retention with the Facebook Instant articles just one of the most popular examples.

Demand for wearable Devices and IoT to rising:

Thanks to Apple, the affordability constraints are out of the equation. Today there is a huge variation in wearable devices like smart sneakers that analyze walking patterns, watches that you can wear that count your calories burned, and wristbands that can assess your sleeping patterns.

App like Zomato and Uber have invested in wearable applications but soon more developments but like most of them, they have scratched the mere surfaces.

More personalization: 

This is one of the main priorities and demand for it is a huge business and has grown at an exponential rate. One of the important examples is that in Netflix they monitors all of your preferences the trips that you take, the movies that you usually watch, and the searches that you perform on such platforms, and then according to your choices, they tailor content to your behavior so that you can get more personalized and targeted experience.

Android Instant Apps:

Android app has given the power to Android users to view the app and view the content without really installing the apps. This feature offers the capacity to modularize an app so that users load the part of the instant app that they require and when they require it.

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Mobile Payments:

The global payments exceeded over 700 billion USD in the year 2017 which is an increase of over 500 billion USD in the past four years. At the beginning of this year, Google had introduced simplified mobile payments with its payment service. Pay is basically an app that includes Android Pay and Google Wallet under one roof.

We also have Apple Pay. So instead of using credit and debit cards, an important part of the market is making use of pay-based apps on their phones for payments which is going to give a push to M-Commerce.


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There is no doubt about the fact that smartphones are going to be the future as mobile app development has managed to captivate users across the world for the last three years. The future of mobile app development surely lies in the hands of the finest brains in the business