Know the 10 Best Android Apps for Reddit

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Reddit is a network of communities platform in which users can discuss upvote, and downvote the website content that others have posted online. It would also allow the members to post their views on a topic in texts, images, and videos. The cops make use of Reddit to protect the readers from spammers who bombard the readers.

Reddit would also helps the users or the members to participate in discussions & interact with many people across the globe, which helps you to get like-minded people & learn more things on a subject apart, besides entertainment.

10 Best Reddit Applications for your Android Smartphone

Are you a regular Internet user? If yes, then you are not alone. If you have heard about Reddit but don’t know, you need not worry too much about that aspect. Reddit usually appears on the front page of the Internet & is the sixth most popular website across the globe. Reddit is one of the excellent discussion platforms wherein you can discuss any topic.

Are you wondering how the best Reddit app comes into the picture despite being a great website? However, it would be natural for a person to ponder. The answer to your question is that you would find the top 10 Reddit apps for Android.

BaconReader for Reddit:

BacconReader is one of the most popular Reddit apps for Android in the market. It comprises various material design interfaces compatible with your application’s aesthetics. For example, if you are looking for unique background themes for your Android, BacconReader is the best choice. In addition, you would find color-coded Reddit threads which would offer the users to post their comments.

Boost for Reddit

Boost is one of the Reddit apps that comes to you with customization options. Unlike other mobile applications, Boost provides you with an option with eight views. You will find two image-centric views in the Boost application, one swipe view, and three-card view variants. If you are looking for a Reddit-free use app like swipe tinder, swipe view is a perfect choice. In addition, Boost allows you to browse through member comments in which you can collapse all buttons to collapse the member replies under the parent comment.

Now for Reddit

Now is the app, known for its simplicity. It is one of the easiest & user-friendly apps found on the list. Though the app has basic features, you would get exceptional support for document files, and images. If you are looking for the premium version, you may opt for Reddit Gold.

Relay for Reddit

Relay is one of the best Reddit apps with funky UI with marvelous features. It would make you a pro when it comes to mega Reddit threads. However, it lacks in full-size card view where the change does not go unnoticed. Nevertheless, many users would opt for Relay. The app would also allow the users to flip & swipe between the articles & comments.

Infinity for Reddit:

It is one of the best-looking Reddit clients in mobiles that would get you the right basics, including multi-account support and a dark theme. The app would allow the users to comment on the posts in a thread. In addition, infinity features you with a Lazy mode that would automatically scrolls through subreddits

Joey for Reddit

Joey provides the users with decent features which allow them to comment in text, thumbs up, and access Reddit Gold features. Also, Joey allows you to track comments & get notifications through its features. The users can download videos that they find on Reddit and hide the posts through auto-hide features.

Reddit is fun:

Reddit fun is one of the most popular apps for Android that contains modern designs, wrapping around the standard Reddit experience. So you can see the whole bunch of text, theming & support that would support any file format, moderator tools, widget support, & many other standard features that would be enough to get your task accomplished.

RedReader for Reddit:

It is an open-source Reddit app freely available to users. It supports Imgur albums, gifv, and many other common file types, multiple accounts, and a night mode that are pleasing to your eyes. It would also support handheld devices like tablets and palmtops.

Sync for Reddit:

Sync is one of the most feature-rich Reddit apps, which claims to be the most optimized for /r/soccer rebreddit. It presents the users with features that support material design interface, multiple windows, multiple user accounts, night theme that comes with a different AMOLED theme for Android Nougat. The app has fewer bugs when compared to others. The Sync app earned plenty of customer reviews

Reddit Offline:

If you seek the Reddit application for your Android phone, Reddit Offline comes to you free of cost. After all, who would like to shell out with the dollars to get an app? That’s the reason the users opt for Reddit Offline.

Of course, if you go for Reddit Offline, you would have to download a significant part of the application for offline use. However, you would also get access to offline mode when you are on a flight, on subway rides, or an area where you don’t get an internet connection. In addition, you would get the complete download accompanied by images and comments.


When you surf for the top Reddit apps for your Android devices, many would recommend you to go for BeaconReader, Boost, and Now. However, whatever is best for others may not meet your requirements. The best choice for a Reddit application would depend on your requirements and budget.

Now, you may be wondering how you could pay when the apps are free of cost. But they would also have premium features which would give you other benefits apart from the basic plan. However, you can try them out before deciding on your final pick. The best Reddit Android apps differ from user to user.