Top KissAnime Alternatives of 2024 [All Working]

“Anime” or “Manga”, a form of art that originated in Japan, is used in comics and books showcasing various characters via pictures. The word originated from the French language meaning – lively. The word was first used in the year 1798 to describe a picture book “Shiji no yukikai”. Anime or Manga began to be popular in the 1940s and 1950s with films and layouts. 

The first anime series was created by Osamu Tezuka an animator and cartoonist from Japan, considered the God of Manga and Godfather of anime. The first anime series -ASTROBOY was broadcast on television in 1963 and created by Osamu Tezuka. It was even imported from Japan to the United States in 2007.

The characteristics of Manga and anime cover a broad range of genres and every artist displays their style. Sometimes an exaggerated display of emotions in the character’s example- a large proportion of some body parts, and big almond-shaped eyes, influenced by Japanese calligraphy and paintings. 

The currentnario is quite favorable and demanding and has created quite a place in the hearts of youths, as it has accomplished to made its presence even more noticeable via animations, movie series, and cartoons. And it has become a growing industry with billions of people. 



As we know Anime has a large audience who watch it, love it, and feel connected with it, certain websites provide anime movies legally and vice versa.  Hence Kiss Anime is one of those websites that used to provide anime movies, a file streaming website allowing users to stream and download videos and sometimes TV shows created by artists for free and in an illicit way. Kiss Anime is a sister website of the Manga viewing website “Kiss Manga”.

Kiss Anime is one of the most visited websites and it gained very much popularity among anime lovers. It is not just popular for the pirated versions that are being uploaded on it but for the quality of the series with amazing work and a large collection created by artists. Many anime streaming websites mushroomed nowadays but Kiss anime website gained popularity very much as it has a large fanbase and several people visit the website.

Until, the website was turned down, in August 2020. And the users were not so happy about it. As it catered to a large fan base, all had to soon find an alternative.

What are The Features of Kiss Anime:

Kiss Anime is one of the most popular yet free websites that provide the quality and extensive amount of anime series in cartoon form to movies, TV shows, and animations as well. 

Hence some features of the Kiss Anime website were:

  • First and most likely to catch an eye, that it was free.
  • It offers an abundance of anime in quantity and without compromising its quality.
  • Options available for dubbed versions that cater to foreign lands, with one of the most spoken languages English.
  • Kiss anime also provides users with various categories as well.
  • The website is consistent in posting videos with video quality ranging from 240 pixels to 1080 pixels.
  • On top of that website was user-friendly and easy to understand, and catered in many moods as horror, romance, action, adventure, thrill, drama, and so on.

Where Kiss Anime App is Available?

The Kiss anime app is now available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded on Android phones as well for free, unlimited, anime videos. Its rating is also decent, claiming to have more than 10,000 videos and TV shows. The app KissAnime has its apk versions on different websites that claim to be true.

Kiss Anime was one of the most popular websites for anime and manga videos but, no doubt there is more demand for anime-related series and videos nowadays than it was before. Hence several websites could touch the level of excellence in providing the quality and quantity of Anime series. They are

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Best Kiss Anime Alternative Websites: Kissanime App Alternatives

Anime land

Anime land

Anime Land is one of the websites that is a close copy of Kiss Anime as it provides kind of similar services to its users. It’s free and available in an exquisite amount of more than 45000 anime dubbed stories with high quality. URL:  



Anilinkz is one of the websites that already has a large database of anime videos with different genres. and the best part is it is also free for users. This website also provides the full episodes of anime series with recommends the latest one as well. Hence no doubt many users prefer Anilinkz to be their platform for watching anime.

Masterani. me

Masterani. me

Masterani. me is also a free anime streaming website with a rich user interface. users can easily get their favorite anime series they fall in love with. The website’s home page allows its users to see the latest uploaded anime as well. URL: 

Kiss Asians

Kiss Asians

Kiss Asians is also one of the anime streaming websites with a great interface. This website caters more as it is free and comes with a premium subscription for those users who are ready to pay for an uninterrupted video, or free from ads. This feature of Kiss Asians enhances the users’ experiences.


AniWatcher is considered one of the updated websites with libraries provided, and it posts anime dubbed and subbed versions. There is no login required to use the website, which makes it easy to use. This website is free and provides a lot of information about the anime series with options like recommendations as well. Hence AniWatcher can be called a close alternative to kissanime app.

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AnimeLab is known for its extensive collection of anime series. This website is available on Android and IOS. Though the Anime Lab website is available in Australia and New Zealand, users from other countries can use a VPN to use the website.

AnimeLab also fulfills the user requirement by recommending the latest anime series with subtitles, some anime series are also in dubbed versions but the user must take a premium subscription for that.



Anime Heaven comes with multiple features, options, and anime series to watch. It targets mostly the latest anime and Manga series from Japan. It satisfies its users with streaming options as well and advertisements of upcoming series can be seen on the home page. Yet AnimeHeaven has only one thing to work on is the number of ads run on the website which can be irritating at some point.

Anime Planet

Anime Planet

Anime Planet is also an alternative to KissAnime as it has a wide range of anime series to showcase besides this website is also free, so anyone can enjoy the videos. But if any user wants to enhance their anime-watching experience, they can create an account on Anime Planet.

There are various benefits of creating the account as the user will get their personal watch list and it will be easier for the interface to recognize the users’ personal preferences hence from there the user can get recommendations of similar kinds of anime. This feature is just like the cherry on top of a cake. This allows them to add free videos.

Anime Freak

Anime Freak

Anime Freak is also an anime streaming website and is known for its vast collections of anime videos and movies from old to latest. Any user can access the website completely for free and can also shortlist their categories as well.

Anime Freak website is amazing in its experience as it also shows the rating given to various anime, hence the user can also watch the most rated shows. Anime Freak is a legal website and there is not a single anime that you can’t find on this website, hence Anime Freak possesses the feature to be an alternative to kissanime app.

9 Anime

9 Anime is one of the excellent choices if an anime lover wants to watch anime with subtitles that are in English. The second and most required feature of 9 anime is that it also caters to users who want to watch any show or video in English dubbed format. The users can experience the HD quality of the videos too. With all these features 9 Anime must have the ability to alternate Kiss Anime websites.



As most people are aware of this app, hence by seeing the Ato dedicated a whole section to the anime category. Netflix is known for the quality of videos it provides, so any user who has a premium account on Netflix can watch the top-rated anime movies and shows, that gained the most popularity.

The best part is you can even download it and you can watch it anytime in 30 days. There is no question in the dubbed and subbed version, Netflix is known for these options.



Animedao is one of the websites that claims to be an alternative to KissAnime as it not only caters the users who want to watch a variety of anime but also the readers who want to read about the Manga series and novels. Animedao has surpassed the features of Kiss Anime.

Besides that, this website provides its users with Report/Request options too. No doubt that animedao is a solution for the anime-watching community as it serves the full length of anime videos without compromising the quality.

NW Anime 

NW Anime 

NW Anime is also an anime streaming website that many anime lovers can choose as an alternative to KissAnime. This website is neatly organized with its interface which is less confusing and at the same time more experiencing for the users.

The NW Anime always provides its users with the latest anime and the episodes as soon as they are released. Users can get access to the anime as soon as they land on the website, and for those who prefer dark mode, this website caters to their needs too. 

FAQ’s on KissAnime Alternatives

What has replaced Kiss Anime?

The Kiss Anime website was criticized for illegal content delivery in Southeast Asia, India, and Europe countries. Hence it got banned, and many other websites mushroomed after that which claim to replace Kiss Anime. For instance- NW Anime, Animedao, 9Anime, AnimeFrenzy, and so on mentioned above.

Can I still use Kiss Anime?

The website is no longer in use, in many countries as it was banned by them. And the works of the website are also not available anymore. One can still watch and enjoy many more anime works by visiting the above-mentioned websites. Yet one can use a VPN to use the website.

What is better than Kiss Anime?

To compare with other sites, users often describe Kiss Anime as an incomparable one. But it’s not completely true, as many websites are available for anime lovers to satisfy their hunger. There are some better options available as well, which seems quite a package among itself you just have to give it a try once.

How can one download Anime from KissAnime?

After getting shut down completely in Aug 2020 due to copyright infringement issues in Southeast Asia, India, and Europe countries the website is no longer available. One can use a VPN number to use the website. Then you can download or stream online the video of your choice by clicking on the said icon.


As long as there is passion for something, one will find a way anyway, same case with anime lovers as well, cause for them it is not the website that matters, it is the content and the quality that matters the most.

Hence if any user doesn’t find the anime he/she is looking for they can go through the above-mentioned websites, these are the websites that can fulfill the hunger of anime lovers. And not only these, there are also many more for example-AnimeFrenzy, Watchop, AnimeKarma, and so on.

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