– Comprehensive Peardeck Login Guide For 2024

Whether you’re a teacher or a student, you’ll like Pear Deck. It’s a platform that bridges the gap between students and professors by offering an online learning platform to them. Let’s know everything relating to Peardeck joining In 2024.

Technology has evolved to a massive extent that influences almost every aspect of human lives, and the education industry isn’t an exception. Among many tech solutions, Pear Deck is a platform for both students and professors that brings them onto a single platform to teach and learn together. 

Pear Deck provides numerous tools and resources that can be used to organize courses and presentations online between students and professors. Teachers need to sign in and invite their students, and students have to join it using the JoinPD code given by the teacher. 

Curious to know more? Keep reading, as you’re in the right place. In this article, you’re going to know everything relating to Peardeck Login. Let’s explore!

What’s For Pear Deck?

Before we know more about Pear Deck login full guide details let’s know a bit about A website, especially a subdomain, or microsite on, redirects users to This is the place where students can join a Peardeck presentation session using the five-character code-shared by their teachers to them.

When asked by a teacher, the students will be required to open a browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, and then enter the code to join the PearDeck presentation session. By doing so, students will be capable of viewing slides and other elements on the student’s Dashboard. 

Pear Deck is a tool that inspires students to engage in their individual and social learning activities. Teachers can create presentations and share them with their students using the presentation software in Google Drive accounts. The Pear Deck app supports students’ growth and healthy mental attitudes by creating a community among users.

What’s Pear Deck?

Pear Deck is a tool for users and trainers to learn and teach together. The preliminary purpose of this tool is to improve communication for education between students and their mentors. The learning that occurs on this platform isn’t limited only to intellectuals. Using this platform, users can improve their social and emotional skills with a large community. 

To join a presentation, the students have to enter the code into their Pear Deck account. This code is delivered by the teachers to each of their students to join a presentation. With the help of PearDeck, students can conveniently join the session irrespective of their current locations. 

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PearDeck Join: Way to Sign Up For a Pear Deck Account

Now, as you’ve known,, and PearDeck, let’s know how to sign up for a pear deck account. First of all, you need to create an account on the PearDeck website in order to make use of the amazing features of this fantastic platform.

Consider following these steps to sign up: 

  • Make sure your device has a stable internet connection
  • Type the URL to visit PearDeck’s website.  
  • Consider clicking the “sign up free” link on the page’s right on the top. 
  • Click on “Authorize” and connect. 
  • Follow all the setup instructions, and sign up using your email ID and password
  • Grant your permission, if asked by Pear Desk. 

In order to enter your school’s postcode, and create an account, follow the instructions suggested on your screen. In case you face any trouble while finding your school’s name, consider typing any five numbers in the critical area.

How to Login to Your PearDeck Account

Now, let’s know the way to Peardeck Login. Once you create a PearDeck account, you’ll be able to join PD whenever you want or need it. When you sign into your account, online classes and lessons will be available all the time. Furthermore, you can export your data to Microsoft Excel using your smartphone. 

The following steps given below will assist you in logging in and accessing your PD account online:

  • Go to the web browser, and type
  • Click on the “Teacher Login”.
  • Select whatever you prefer between “Google” or “Microsoft”.
  • Enter your “username” and “password”, and you’re logged into your account.

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Join The Course Using the PearDeck Code

Anyone can access and attend virtual classes and presentations in the PearDeck by entering the five-digit Join PD Code given by the mentor. The host of the presentation is responsible to generate the code and provide it to the users. Students can use this code to join the classes and participate in the interactive sessions. 

How To Generate The Code To Join Peardeck

The host of a presentation needs to generate the peardeck code. They can follow the steps given below for the same. 

  • Go to
  • Then, enter the presentation number (A presentation number is a five-digit number given to you during the session). 
  • Following this way, you’ll be able to generate the PearDeck Code

Note: The code loses its validity after four days when it’s created. 

The Way To Join a Presentation in Pear Deck – JoinPD Com

Teachers, hosts, or anyone else can upload the presentations on The hosts can send the code to invite whoever they want to join the session, while the attendees will have to use the code and join the session to learn the lesson. Let’s learn how!

  • Consider visiting and making use of devices with stable internet connection. 
  • Go to the “Join a Session” button given at the top of the page.
  • Now, enter the five-digit “access code.” whenever required. 
  • If the code gets entered correctly, you’ll be granted access to the presentation. 


An end-to-end login process will be required to access the presentation uploaded on JoinPD.Com. It’ll benefit both mentors and learners to share their ideas with each other, learn and grow more. We’ve provided everything you need to Peardeck Login in 2024, and hope you leverage it and make more out of the efforts. Find frequently asked questions below for more information about JoinPD com Peardeck Login. 


1. How to create a peardeck in Google Classroom?

Ans- You can simply create a PearDeck in Google Classroom. Go to the website to do so. Invite the attendees to access the class by clicking the blue button right on the top of your screen. Then, choose the group you want to invite from Google Classroom, and the names of attendees will start showing up as soon as they sign up. 

2. Who can use JoinPD?

Ans- In general, Teachers and students can use Pear Deck for teaching and learning. Furthermore, instructional coaches, consultants, librarians, media specialists, and building administrators can also use the platform as per their uses.

3. How can I

Ans- You need to go to the website to join Then, select “Sign up for free.” Furthermore, you’ll have to choose the kind of account you want to open and allow Pear Deck to connect with Google Drive accounts.

4. Does PearDeck have an app?

Ans- Pear Deck has a mobile app that functions like a website. It’s a cross-platform app that’s capable of functioning on both Android and iOS platforms. Taking help from this article, you’ll be able to use the app efficiently. 

5. Is PearDeck available for free for its users?

Ans- PearDeck provides both free and paid versions to use. The free version of PearDeck provides some features like polls, quizzes, and limited access to templates. If you want to use interactive features, for instance, drag and drop, drawing, adding audio, and so on, you’ll need to go with the premium option. 

6. How can I get PearDeck answers?

Ans- Want to have answers? Go to your Pear Deck Home, reopen the Dashboard View of the session, and you can locate a Session from the Deck Menu or the Sessions menu on your Home page. On the Session Menu, all the PearDeck Sessions are saved automatically, and you can find them whenever you want.