How to Convert HTML Website to WordPress Theme

WordPress is a powerful software to build dynamic websites. Around 43.1% of the websites across the world are powered by WordPress. It has a large number of themes and plugins, which support adding many powerful features to the website. For example, you can manage your website using plugins like Yoast SEO.

Besides this, it is also easier to manage a WordPress website than the HTML ones. It has a good UI, which allows the developers to make instant changes. Whereas working on the core HTML websites requires editing codes whenever any change is required. This is the reason why so many brands prefer switching to WordPress from HTML.

Converting Your HTML to WordPress Websites

Converting Your HTML to WordPress Websites

It is essential to look for some of the prerequisites before you plan to convert your HTML website to WordPress. This will enable the development team to initiate the conversion process without investing time with them.

  • Compile Your HTML files: Move all the components of your website in one place. You must include all the HTML files, Javascript, CSS parts, and media properties in one folder.
  • A WordPress setup: Create a WordPress website if you haven’t created it yet. The WordPress directory will be required to upload your HTML files and start importing it.

Doing both of the above processes will save a great amount of time for your team, and you will be able to move your HTML website to WordPress smoothly.

Top Approaches for HTML to WordPress Conversion

Top Approaches for HTML to WordPress Conversion

There are several ways you can use to convert your HTML websites on WordPress smoothly. But remember that all these processes require very strong technical knowledge and a high level of expertise as various technical applications are needed to perform this function.

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Manual Conversion Process

It is quite challenging to convert HTML websites to WordPress using a manual process. But as compared, it has a higher level of accuracy than other methods. That’s why so many developers prefer it more often than the other methods.

Below is the process you can follow to convert your website to WordPress:

  • Create a Theme Folder in Your WordPress Website. A new theme folder is required whenever you want to convert your HTML website to WordPress. You should avoid adding HTML files to the existing theme folder because they can overlap with each other or might lead to a broken feature.
  • Next, create PHP files like Index.php, header.php, sidebar.php, etc.
  • Add the HTML codes for different PHP files. Like, you can add the footer codes in the footer.php file.
  • Now change the Stylesheet to WordPress format.
  • Zip all your website files together in a separate folder, and then start uploading them on WordPress.

If you are facing any challenges in implementing the above steps, then do not take a risk in doing it from your end. Hire a dedicated WordPress team to look after this process. They will professionally manage the conversion process and make your new website live.

By Using Child Themes

Child themes provide you with the features of both the parent theme as well as your HTML website. You can look for a suitable theme that is closely related to your HTML website and install it on your WordPress website. Now, follow these steps to create a child theme:

  • Create a new folder and include both the parent and child theme names. For example, if your theme name is ‘canvas theme,’ then create a folder name like this: ‘canvas theme-child.’ The word -child should always be behind every child theme that you want to create on WordPress. Avoid giving any spaces in between the theme folder names.
  • Now change the Stylesheet to support the WordPress format.
  • Then, create a file and name it “function.php.” Here, you can add different elements or introduce new functionality for your WordPress site.
  • Now activate the WordPress theme.

Now you will be able to see your new WordPress website with the same designs as it was in your older HTML website. And the best thing is that you can make quick changes in WordPress websites without juggling with the codes.

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Installing a WordPress Plugin

This process of converting HTML websites by installing a WordPress plugin is more feasible than the above-mentioned steps. It all requires a little time and attention to import the data from HTML files to WordPress. Once this step is done, you can activate the new theme and modify it on WordPress.

There are so many WordPress plugins that support the conversion of HTML websites to WordPress. For example, many developers have used the HTML Import 2 plugin, which facilitates the conversion of static websites to WordPress easily.

  • You can search for it by clicking on the Plugins option on the Left side of WordPress.
  • Click on Add New.
  • Then enter the plugin name and click on “Install Now”.
  • Now activate the plugin and start uploading the HTML files.

Choose a Development Partner

Outsourcing your project to a development agency is the most convenient way to

convert html to wordpress. Here, you don’t have to make any effort in arranging the files and uploading them. All you need is a reliable partner who can manage the conversion of your websites.

These experienced professionals will help to make a quick and easy HTML to WordPress import without spending a huge amount of time on it. Thus, you will save yourself from this time-consuming activity and focus on your core business functions.

How to Find A Reliable HTML to WordPress Conversion Company?

Now that you are aware of the advantages of a WordPress website, you just need a trusted company that can convert your HTML Website to WordPress. But before that, you must write down the features you require in your new WordPress websites. As you’re switching to WordPress, you must have some major requirements that you want in your website. It is better to list these specifications and discuss them with the agencies before making a deal.

You can look for these below qualities to make a deal with the right WordPress development company for your brand:

Knowledge and Experience

Converting an HTML website to WordPress is not as easy as it might seem to many people. It requires an experienced WordPress developer who can smoothly manage this transition. You should consider looking for a reliable agency with a strong track record of handling these projects.

A Portfolio of Past Projects

HTML to WordPress conversion is a challenging journey for every business. Each project has a different story to tell, and a project portfolio can give you a better insight into this. Look for potential projects to read their stories and find how the company has taken the challenge and created a way for it. Doing this will help you find the one brand that has the right capabilities to handle your projects.


Client reviews act as a reliable source for identifying the right WordPress development company. It will help you understand how the clients have liked the company’s work, whether they are satisfied or not so happy about it. These experiences will definitely help you to gather the best brand for your projects.

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Nowadays, websites need frequent changes and add-on features to compete in this digital world. These modifications become a challenging task for the HTML website moderators. Therefore, it is essential to look for dynamic platforms to support these frequent changes, and WordPress is the best one on the list. It has a large number of features that make it highly dynamic and flexible enough to meet future business requirements.


Can I convert an HTML website to WordPress?

Certainly, manually convert an HTML site by creating a WordPress theme folder, copying files, and adapting content to WordPress templates.

Can I import HTML into WordPress?

Absolutely, utilize plugins or manually convert HTML content into WordPress template files to seamlessly integrate it into your site.

How to convert HTML to WordPress theme online for free?

While some online tools claim to offer free HTML to WordPress conversion, exercise caution, as results may vary in terms of quality and functionality.

How do I upload HTML to WordPress for free?

To upload HTML content to WordPress for free, manually transfer files into a new theme folder within “wp-content/themes/” directory, ensuring compatibility and testing for optimal performance.

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