How To Hire a Prestashop Developers For eCommerce Web Development Services?

More than 300,00 merchants utilized PrestaShop capabilities to run their business online. It offers a plethora of features with which businesses can deliver an excellent user experience. Not just this, it also offers the main features of PrestaShop that are absolutely free. 

Additionally, you have the option to make use of paid modules to incorporate any functionality that your store should have. So, let’s dig deeper to know more about the PrestaShop and the benefits of using it.

Prestashop Developer For eCommerce Web Development Services


What is PrestaShop?

Prestashop eCommerce development is an outstanding platform that converts your dream store into a reality. It’s a shopping cart software that builds a thriving online store without investing too much. Moreover, if you are well-versed with technical skills, you can develop your online store without the help of professionals. But businesses that lack these skills need to hire  dedicated Prestashop developer to build a market-ready store. 

Prestashop is a multifarious platform that allows developers to customize the online stores according to the client’s preferences, products, and business model. Also, it gives thousands of modules that better the functionality of PrestaShop. 

You must be thinking, why Prestashop? As there are plenty of other platforms available to build a futuristic store. Don’t worry! We have an answer for that as well. Here are the top 6 astonishing benefits of using Prestashop that will guide you to consider it for building an online store. 

Top 6 Benefits of Using Prestashop For Developing Futuristic Online Store 

#1 Easy to install

You don’t need to hassle to install it. Open the official website of PrestaShop, and install it from there. Once the downloading process is completed, developing an online store is just a few steps away, and Prestashop is easy to install. From the official website, you need to download the file. Once you download the file, creating a responsive and functioning online store is just a few clicks away. Since the size of the file is only 6Mb, you don’t need to worry even if your internet connection is slow. 

#2 Budget-Friendly

Prestashop is a budget-friendly option as it’s an open-source shopping cart that can be downloaded free of cost. If you are a merchant with less budget then it’s the most suitable option as the license is not required to set up an online store. 

#4 User-friendly

The custom design of Prestashop is simple and convenient. You do not require technical knowledge to run a Prestashop store. It has a user-friendly back-end interface and a simple design. If you have the least technical expertise you can still handle and maintain the website. Prestashop offers more than 25000+ plugins making the functioning and creation of online stores effortless.

#5 Easy Customization

Customizing your online store is much easier with PrestaShop. You can conveniently delete or add features based on your requirement. It’s a flexible platform. Therefore, you can easily personalize several areas during your eCommerce website development.

#6 Demographic assistance

It supports multiple languages and currencies making the localization process much simpler. Preshshop’s demographic assistance supports stores to run smoothly across the globe.

Nowadays, online stores build using Prestashop function effectively from various countries such as India, the UK, Germany, Japan, China, the USA, and Canada. As the platform provides complete support to French and English languages, it has the potential to translate approximately 40-45 languages. 

#7 Secure payment

The incredible benefit of PrestaShop is its convenient and Payment Gateway Ecommerce. It offers you the option to integrate payment options such as PayPal, Paytm, Google Play, and so on. All these platforms are secure. Hence, users don’t need to worry about any fraud and other activities. 

Additionally, through the SSL protocol system, all the transactions are processed with utmost security. It also supports a one-page checkout process that promotes product purchases. 

But to reap the benefits of it, you need to pick Prestashop Web Development Services. But it’s not that easy to hire a development company as so many service providers are available in the market. 

Hiring The Prestashop Development Expert

Let us start by diving into some of the vital factors that you need to consider while you hire remote Prestashop web developer. 

  • Must be an expert in PHP 

Prestashop will use object-oriented PHP as its programming language. The Prestashop expert needs to be well-spoken and proficient at PHP for modifying the modules in Prestashop and for reversing the core files. 

Therefore, having proper knowledge of PHP coding is important for every Prestashop expert. You need to enquire about PHP certification from the respective company along with their work experience. 

  • Need to be professionals in object-oriented programming 

Object-oriented programming is the foundation of Prestashop. Thus, the specialist in Prestashop has to be well-aware of object-oriented programming. Otherwise, they might not be well-equipped for addressing exclusive modules for your online shop. Thus, it is important to verify the company and its skillset.  

  • Checkout their communication skills 

Communication as always is the key factor during eCommerce website development. Henceforth, a similar fact applies to the Prestashop experts as well. You need to check whether the contact factors while you are interviewing the Prestashop specialist. You should note down the time taken by them for responding to calls and inquiries

  • Embedding The PHP In The HTML Code 

Prestashop uses a template called Smarty that uses an unusual but easy syntax that helps designers insert PHP in HTML code. It doesn’t matter how easy it is, the developer needs to have comprehensive knowledge of it before beginning to develop new modules. 

In other words, he must be experienced adequately. An experienced developer will definitely know the syntax of smarty. So, ask the developer about his experience.

  • Experience in implementing overriding

The process of Overriding is quite different from Prestashop. If the developer is a specialist in overriding classes, then he will be able to rearrange parts of the core code with his or her unique code. He would not even touch the core code and yet improve the function to something valuable and unique to your online shop.

Wrapping It Up!!

Building an online store is not as easy a process as it seems to be. You need technical assistance and market knowledge to develop a futuristic online store. But if you do not possess the requisite skills and expertise you can hire dedicated prestashop developer to build a market-ready eCommerce store.

Again, several web development companies are available in the market. Choosing the ringtone is not a cakewalk. Therefore, to help you out in the process we have mentioned the easy steps above. Read them out and hire skilled Prestashop website development services to build your robust online store.