How To Get Real Instagram Followers?

Instagram, like Facebook, is highly dynamic and engaging. Hence, its overall user count has been growing so massively over the years, and it’ll increase even more in the upcoming years. Due to this reason, many businesses are already trying to step up their game and create a better footprint in this segment of social media.

However, the quotient of success, especially on a platform like Instagram, will depend more on your overall follower count than anything else. Therefore, before you begin rolling out your marketing strategies, you’ll need to focus on this aspect first.

But, how to get more followers on instagram?

In essence, engagement is the core of success in Instagram marketing. Hence, let’s keep our focus on that segment only and see how we can improve the same even more.

Getting Instagram Followers – A Guide To Success 

The initial period of increasing your Instagram followers can be a little confusing and challenging. Nonetheless, if you are taking a patient and careful approach, your account will surely start driving at some point.

Update Your Bio 

If you already have a business account – make sure to delete its bio right now and build it up from scratch. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Jot down a crisp and creative description of what your business does.
  • Integrate a unique brand voice to offer a sense of your organizational personality.
  • Keep a CTA text (read more or shop now) at the ending section of your bio.
  • Include your website’s URL, too.

You can try something out all by yourself or check out the bio of any digital marketing organization, such as Mention.

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Find The Right Time To Upload Your Posts 

In all honesty, there’s no best time to post or upload something on Instagram. Hence, instead of making a wrong guess, we’ll ask you to experiment with the timing and track the engagement ratio altogether.

Besides this, you can also try finding out when your target audience is coming online on the platform by using Instagram Insights. Once you have found the required information, you can focus on that same period and post your updates to engage more people.

Post Daily On Instagram

Post Daily On Instagram

Only maintaining a specific time period won’t be enough to gain more followers. In addition to that, you’ll also need to upload regularly and consistently.

If you’re just starting out, posting at least once a day should be your primary concern. However, in case you’re too busy, your aim should be to upload four times a week.

Make The Most Out Of Instagram’s Algorithm 

Like Google, Instagram, too, has its own algorithm system, and it aims to serve the following signals –

  • Audience interest (how much someone prefers a post based on your past engagement).
  • Timeliness (the “recentness” of your post).
  • Relationship (how frequently you engage with your followers).
  • Following (the number of people you follow relevant to your posts).
  • Usage frequency (how many times you check your Instagram profile daily).
  • Session time (the amount of time you stay online on Instagram).

The Instagram algorithm strives to offer engaging content for each individual user. Thus, the higher the engagement rating of your post is (comments, likes, and shares), the more people will discover it. Be sure to reply to everyone to increase the number of comments even more.

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Improve Your Captions 

Improve Your Captions 

Only uploading photos will not be enough. Instead, you will have to write an enthralling caption under it as well. Remember, sometimes, writing excellent captions can also prompt people to comment on your post. Hence, try to optimize it accordingly.

Here are some tips that you can use for writing Instagram captions –

  • Put the necessary information at the beginning.
  • Use light humor and emojis to boost your brand identity and personality.
  • Incorporate keywords and hashtags to increase your odds of appearing in the search results.
  • Mention your other accounts to improve your overall reach.
  • End the caption with a descriptive CTA to prompt the reader to perform an action.

The Bottom Line

Like any other marketing strategy, creating an efficient plan will not be enough if you can’t execute it purposefully. Hence, if you need any prior assistance regarding the same, make sure to hire a professional. In case you have any queries, you can also ask us all about it. We’ll try our best to answer everything correctly.