Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Perfect Comparison

The latest technological advancement has introduced Smart speakers. Although it’s a new concept but is slowly being accepted worldwide. The first speaker launched was in the year 2014 when Amazon launched Echo, a speaker with a built-in smart assistant Alexia. After that, bigger companies like Apple and Google also launched their own gadgets.

But since there are so many options available now it is becoming difficult to choose when you are planning to make a purchase. So here is a point-to-point comparison of Google Home and Amazon Echo to enable people to make smarter choices.

Price of Gadgets:

Google Home:

Google Home costs about $129. This is expensive but Google does give discounts pretty often. Also, if you buy Google Home mini and Google Home together you can get a discount of up to $25.

Amazon Echo:

The gadget usually is sold for $99.99on The company does offer discounts sometimes and you can get about fifteen percent off on the product. If you buy another product with it, you can get a better discount as well.

Comparison of Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Google Home:

The design of Google Home is similar to that of an automatic air freshener. Its height is 5.6′” and its width of 3.8″. Whenever you use it, its LED lights get activated. There are touch controls located beside the light. It has a button to switch off the mic in front.

The gadgets can be customized. The lower half of the speaker which has speakers comes with four different options: Gray fabric which is a default, Orange fabric, Black plastic or Brown plastic.

Amazon Echo:

The new Amazon Echo does not have much difference in design as its first-generation speaker. Its height is shorter than before, that is, 5.9” and 3.5” width. Depending on the Echo cover that you choose the speakers placed in the bottom half will be visible or not.

There are six variations for your gadget. You have the choice to change them according to your liking. The fabric covers include: Charcoal, Sandstone, and Heather Grey, and the Material covers include: Walnut, Silver, and Oak.

Functions: Comparison of Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Google Home:

It was released almost two years after Amazon Echo and was made to rival successfully its counterpart in all aspects. It has a beautiful cylindrical design. It comes with a feature that can change colors, which makes it a completely customizable gadget.

It can, without a doubt, fit into any interior. Now as it is a speaker the sound quality becomes an important criterion. On removing the fabric grill we can see the main speakers with the two smaller speakers. The sound is good but lacks clearer tones a little bit. The sound produced is pretty loud and has a bass to it.

Amazon Echo:

The second generation Amazon Echo does its work well. The design of Amazon Echo is similar to the one launched before. It is a tall and cylindrical speaker and the material used this time is wood and metal which is an addition to the first one. It works well in the sound section. It provides an amazing audio experience thanks to its 2.5” woofer and .6” tweeter inside, both powered by Dolby.

Which Is Better Amazon Echo vs Google Home

Google Home:

The gadget comes with its own smart assistant which helps with your requirements. It is called Google Assistant and is also available on your smartphone. You can get answers to any queries that you throw at it which makes it a very intelligent assistant. You just need to activate the speaker with “Ok Google”.

 It will make you feel like a real conversation if you ask another question in the same context. It has an amazing voice detection system that enables Google Home to help you out with any questions even if you are not very near.

When it comes to listening to songs, you just have to name the song and it will it for you within seconds. The default music service on it is Google Play music, but you can choose any other like YouTube Red, Apple, etc.

Amazon Echo:

Amazon Echo comes with its built-in assistant called Alexia. This machine allows you to control the speaker by using the word “Alexia” which has to be followed by your request. You have the option to control the other smart gadgets with this device, it just has to be paired with Echo first.

You can send messages, make calls, and set up your schedule with the help of Alexia. Just like Google Home playing music is very easy with Echo as well. You just have to say the song and the music will be played. The default music service is Amazon Prime Music and if you want some other service you have to specify it in your query.

It also comes with an important feature called Alexa Skills. These are voice-based apps that can be downloaded and enable a number of activities. One of the features that Amazon Echo comes with that is worth mentioning is “Routine”. This feature allows you to set a number of activities together, that will be started by saying a specific sentence. Having said that its still a new feature and has some issues but Amazon keeps improving its technology and will gradually release updates for a better experience.

Compatibility With Other Gadgets

Google Home: Although Google Home is compatible with devices like Philips Hue light bulbs, cameras, and thermostats, it is still not compatible with several devices like Lightify smart bulbs and Instein smart products which keeps it behind Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo: This is where Amazon Echo takes over Google Home. It works well with almost every smart gadget out there. You can control it with just your voice. You have to download Alex’s skills from the store for some of the gadgets.


So, from the above comparison, it is pretty clear that Amazon Echo is a better choice than Google Home. The Alexa store helps to improve your speaker on its function and you can control it so much just with your really exciting voice. Google Home isn’t bad either, just a bit behind Amazon Echo.