The Best Voice Chat Apps For PC

When it comes to communication, built-in systems are terrible. A good voice chat app can provide a crystal-clear, flawless conversation. Listed below are four such applications: Ventrilo, Overtone, TeamSpeak 3, and so on.

List of The Best Voice Chat Apps For PC



The Discord voice chat app for PC can be used to communicate with friends in a variety of ways, including video and audio chatting. In addition to regular voice and text chat, the app offers many types of communication such as emoticons, gifs, images, and screenshots of winning games.

Users can connect to any number of servers through the app. Discord is best enjoyed when using a server, but the program also works in web browsers and on mobile devices.

Once installed, the Discord voice chat app for PC will load with a ‘Home’ screen. Here you can view your list of friends and servers that you’ve joined.

Each user on Discord has a unique Discord tag, which is a case-sensitive username or unique ID number. You can add other users to your Discord friends list, accept or reject friendship requests, and begin text, voice, or video chat with them.



While most games nowadays offer built-in voice chat, they aren’t as good as they could be. Not only are the built-in options ineffective, but some of them don’t work at all.

Here are some apps that can help you make the most of voice chat and save your PC from headaches. We’ll review three of the best. If you’re looking for a great voice chat app, we recommend Overtone.

This cross-platform voice chat app supports Android and iOS. The UI of this app is customizable while in use, making it very flexible for mobile users. Although Discord has many advantages, its user interface isn’t exactly professional.

The company is also known for recurrent server raids and security and privacy concerns. While Discord has a few cons to offer, Mumble offers excellent latency and sound quality. Both companies work together to satisfy their customers.



If you are looking for a PC voice chat application, you may have come across the Ventrilo app. The voice chat application is a fun and useful tool for PC gamers who are looking to expand their social network.

However, it is important to remember that there are several downsides to using Ventrilo. It is possible to be banned and your posts can be edited, so be sure to follow the steps carefully.

When using the Ventrilo voice chat application for PC, you should first make sure that you have the right hardware. The microphone used by Ventrilo should be connected to the PC through a microphone and not via a headset.

The input device should be detected automatically, but if not, you can manually select it. The Comment button is usually used to share your web address. Make sure to press this button when you want to talk.

TeamSpeak 3:

TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak 3 is a free software application that is primarily designed for video game communities. It features the Opus codec and a flexible administrative control permission system. You can grant users control over channels and the entire server, making it easy to manage your community.

You can set the number of concurrent users at 32, and you can also increase the number to 512 with the non-commercial license. Other features of this free application include fast file transfer and server-level AES encryption.

TeamSpeak 3 Voice Chat App offers a variety of features, including private messaging and uploading files to your channel. This free voice chat app allows users to communicate with their teammates and administrators from any computer.

The interface of TeamSpeak 3 is straightforward, but there are some limitations. It is only possible to join one channel at a time. Some channels will not let you talk unless you have permission to do so.

Imvite Messenger:

You can now chat in real-time with others using Imvite Messenger on your PC. This Voice Chat App offers a streamlined chat experience, including a voice-only option, audio recording, and a custom toning option.

Additionally, the application allows you to set a custom voice tone for each channel and enable or disable auto-delete for messages. Additionally, you can easily report fake channels and groups and set up schedules for voice chats.

To add a voice channel, you first need to select the contact you wish to chat with. Once you’re done selecting a contact, just click the Start Talking link. The contact can either accept the voice conversation invitation or decline it.

If they accept, a notification will be sent to them. If they decline, they can simply click the Stop Talking link, which will then replace the Start Talking link.



RaidCall is a PC voice chat application that allows you to communicate with other users. You can chat with friends in a group chat window or in a global chat room.

If you want to communicate with someone in a group, you can request to befriend them. Once you have added a friend, you can contact them anytime. You can also chat in different groups and channels.

To use RaidCall, you first need to download the application. After downloading the application, you need to create a free account. The interface of the app is easy to use, and the FAQ page has detailed information about each feature.

You do not have to worry about paying for the application as there is no dedicated server. You can use it with your friends or make new friends for free!

You can also use it to communicate with other gamers and get help from each other. You could even visit here to know some more Voice Chat Apps.