What Are The Best Delivery Service Providers in 2024?

Only if the delivery service providers delivered karma. Featuring their doorstep delivery, I can guarantee you that so many people would want to register. Alas! There’s no such facility available until now. Maybe at some point, we get to exercise such exclusivity.

Now that I have your complete attention. That was certainly not the point of my argument. No matter how enticing that might sound. We are here to discuss the best delivery service providers in 2024.

Listing The Best Delivery Service Providers Of 2024

The pandemic has been a preceding factor whenever we talk about online delivery service providers. They will forever be grateful to the pandemic because of the abnormal rise in their margin of profit. Here’s a listing a few of the online delivery service providers who have been able to make it to the top.

#1 United Parcel Service( UPS)

A US-based delivery service provider specializing in delivering packages and offering logistical services.  Have been successful in achieving the 66th position in the world. Headquartered in the USA, it has a market value of 189.610  Billion USD.

William R. Johnson has been appointed as the chairman of UPS and Carol B. Tome as the CEO, respectively. UPS functions under the name of NYSE and Bovespa Brazil when in matters of the stock exchange. Its latest employee count was around 534,000.

Ship something from the UK to the US, hassle-free. 

#2 Deutsche  Post AG

Headquartered in Germany, Deutsche Post AG has secured a 212 ranking all over the world. Frank Appel has been appointed as the CEO of this delivery service provider. It has got a soaring market value of  78.472 Billion USD.

It functions under the name of  Deutsche Borse in the stock exchange market. Their 571,974 employees are well-equipped to manage this courier service specializing in freight transportation and package delivery.

#3 S. F. Holding 

Located in China, this courier service company has ranked 358 all over the world – in the courier service marketplace. It specializes in providing courier services to industries and offers logistical benefits and delivery services. 

The above services are managed by an army of 12,1 925 employees. It has a market value of 52.740 Billion USD. Operating in the stock exchange marketplace under the name of Shenzhen.

#4 ZTO Express (Cayman)

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, under the chairmanship of Meisong Lai. It has been successful in securing a world ranking of 913 in the courier service provider sector. It offers assistance in regard to express delivery, courier, and logistical services. These services run on smooth grounds with the cooperation of their loyal employees.

It has achieved a market value of  22.973 Billion USD and an Annual Net Income of 747 Million USD.

#5 JD Logistics

This courier service delivery provider is located in China. It is a business group which is a child company of JD . com. They apply their advanced technology and an expert logistic facility to offer a smart supply chain and logistical benefits. However, these facilities only apply when catering to the services of large-scale industries at a global level.

They have a connection of 750 warehouses with a world rank of 1,0873. Its market value is around 19.104 Billion USD, approximately.

One of the notable features of JD Logistics is- that they employ drones to deliver goods. 

#6 Yamato Holdings

With a world rank of 2,112, headquartered in Japan. Yamato Holdings functions in the stock exchange market of Tokyo. They have a market value of 8.632 Billion USD.  Theirs is a door-to-door parcel delivery service company offering assistance in the industry sectors. Courier service delivery and logistical transportation are the additional services.

It has certainly made its place in the market,  having a soaring Annual Net Income of 449 Million USD.


However, the aforementioned list of delivery service-providing companies is the one that you can focus on in 2024. Albeit, the list keeps updating each year on the basis of their ranking, market value, and annual net income.

However, StockX shipping and DHL delivery services; are literally never fade out of the list. You are free to perform your individual additions and subtractions here and there.