Benefits of Using Bootstrap for Web Development

Every business owner dreams of developing a multifunctional and appealing website or app for their business. The same goes for front-end developers; they want to give their best in developing interactive UI for all the projects that they work on.

However, web design and front-end development come with some potential time-consuming factors like developers dealing with repetitive code. To overcome this process, Bootstrap enters the view.

Bootstrap is the game-changer in front-end development. There are varied benefits of Bootstrap that make it a well-known choice among developers. Besides that, the Bootstrap toolkit is open-source and helps develop UI with the use of HTML, CSS, and JS. Let’s uncover what more benefits you get by using Bootstrap for front-end development!

What is Bootstrap- Brief Overview

Bootstrap is a CSS framework that is open-source and is designed to make responsive, mobile-friendly front-end development. It includes reusable and versatile pieces of code that are written using JS, CSS, and HTML.

Bootstrap framework has its fundamentals already set for making responsive web UI development. Developers have to post their code in Bootstrap’s premeditated grid structure. 

Hence, while developing a new app or website, Bootstrap can be a boon as it minimizes the burden of writing code from scratch. You can use its existing coding blocks, cross-browser compatibility feature, and CSS-less functionality to save huge coding hours.

We hope you get a basic idea of what Bootstrap is from this brief note. Now, we will discuss the benefits of Bootstrap that will make your idea clear regarding why to use Bootstrap for web development.

Benefits of Using Bootstrap for Web Development

Bootstrap framework gained immediate vogue after it was launched because of its several benefits. Here we have made a list of some best features and advantages that prove Bootstrap is a game-changing framework and why to use it for your projects.

Responsive Grid System

The web development process in modern times demands the ensure that the website that is being made is mobile-friendly and responsive. The Bootstrap framework has that thing covered.

It can be done using a dedicated mobile-first grid system which divides the screen into 12 columns to accommodate different screen sizes. Thus it makes the web design more adaptable to all types of devices.

One can take advantage of Bootstrap’s grid system classes, and make specific functions visible only on specific devices.

Save Time with Bootstrap

When you are developing a project with numerous templates, it can be time-consuming for all. Moreover, even a single design update may lead to time-consuming manual editing over different web pages, especially if you are not monitoring things well.

The Bootstrap framework gives you pre-made design themes and various templates to begin your work. It allows updating of the code to develop the framework according to your software’s needs.

Additionally, you can make changes even during the development phase and it will affect all web pages simultaneously. So, you do not have to manually update each page and hence it can save a lot of time.

Easily Customizable

If you feel that Bootstrap’s template design is not fulfilling your requirements, you can update the existing template with your twist in the CSS file. You can combine the new code with the existing code and then make them function as per your requirements.

This feature is useful if you want to develop a unique look for your project but you do not have the knowledge or time to begin designing from scratch.

You can develop a personalized version of Bootstrap using its customization. For doing this, you have to cut out all the plugins and components that you do not need before installing the Bootstrap file. Moreover, there is a part where you can update variable values, and hence you can make your templates.

Easy-to-Use Framework

Bootstrap toolkit is a simple-to-use framework. The setup process doesn’t take much longer and is comparatively easy, also for beginners. While it is not mandatory to have primary skills in HTML, CSS, and JS will definitely assist you in modifying the available code block as per your needs. 

Maintaining Consistency

Mark Otto along with Jacob Thornton created Bootstrap specially to solve the issue of inconsistency between back-end and front-end developers and it truly solves it. Bootstrap minimizes the use of different libraries that change from developer to developer. Hence, you can maintain the project elements’ stability; no matter who is tackling the project.

Project consistency is also for the web display. It means that you will see a unified output regardless of the type of web browser you are using for the project.

Huge and Active Community

Bootstrap has got the full support of the user community and offers assistance and tutorials for everyone who needs it. The developers inform the community regarding the latest update and news of the Bootstrap framework growth using the official blog page of Bootstrap. This process directly encourages immediate feedback from the users.

So, the community members in retirement show their projects on the Expo webpage of Bootstrap. You can use this webpage as a point of inspiration when you want to learn and explore more about Bootstrap and its features to enhance your project.

Open Source

Bootstrap framework is an open-source platform which means that you can use and modify this framework without paying for any license to purchase it. Being an open-source framework, web development costs can be reduced because thousands of contributors are willing to contribute on platforms like GitHub and are also able to help you with your development issues.

JS Plugins for Your Rescue

For making the web pages simply interactive, one has to use features like tabs, drop-down menus, sliders, etc. The hunt for complementing plugins includes these elements. But when you have Bootstrap (BS) at your side, you can easily incorporate these elements as various JS plugins are piled in the BS package itself.

Additionally, using these functions is easy because you need to create a few codes and the work is done. Moreover, with the customization option, you can choose any specific plugin that will help maintain the file size to the minimum.

Compatibility of Cross-Browser

Each end user is different just like the smart device they use. In addition to the device, there are varied browsers also. Bootstrap is compatible with modern versions of all browsers. One of the main benefits of using Bootstrap is compatibility with almost all browsers.

With this framework, you can have relief when it comes to displaying the landing page on various browsers. Bootstrap is compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Regular Updates

All modern technologies have to stay updated to stay running in the market. The same rule applies to Bootstrap. The core developers of this framework constantly keep it updated.

They keep on monitoring the future web requirements and update accordingly. Whenever there’s a fresh update, Bootstrap helps users to get hold of the most advanced and latest technologies available in the market.

Increasing Popularity and User Base

The important advantage of working with Bootstrap is that it has a widespread presence. An MNC or a global organization like Apple uses Bootstrap for Apple Music, Apple Maps, web apps, etc.

Not only this, Dropbox, Airbnb, and Coursera have also acknowledged the power of Bootstrap and are using it to maintain their robustness.

Ample of Documentation

While using any framework, community support is priceless, but some also prefer referring to writing notes. Luckily, Bootstrap satiates these requirements by assisting with easy-to-read and quick and easy documentation on the official Bootstrap website.

Learning this framework is quick and easy and the documentation is easier to learn and work on the UI design.

So, these are the reasons for using Bootstrap for your web projects. Other than this, it also offers a chaos-free ambiance and makes it easy for a beginner to use it.

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Concluding Words

Ending this article with a note that before picking Bootstrap, one should go through its benefits and potential drawbacks. Discuss everything in detail with your web development partners and then choose what the best for your project development is. For modern technological articles, stay tuned with us. Happy reading!