AWS vs Google Cloud : Which One Should  I Choose?

The term cloud has become very popular in some previous years but all the big and small companies as the market starts to grow start competing with the increase in demand so how to decide which one is the best option for your enterprise? The two most commonly used among them are google cloud and AWS so in this blog we will understand these two and which one is better than another or is more useful.

So before starting the blog let’s understand what cloud computing really is and what are the differences between the two terms given.


Cloud computing is an on-demand computer system that is used for data storage specially and for computing power. In simple words, we can explain that cloud computing is the connection of different servers using the internet.

The main focus of cloud computing is to give flexible accessibility of the data to the different users. The user can access its data from anywhere or remotely.

All the data is stored in the cloud online this also helps in the storage management of the users as the storage problems are a basic difficulty faced by many of the users and by providing the cloud facility they can easily update the editor online without having any issue about the space present in their system. It provides serverless computing environments.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS is an easy-to-use cloud computing solution that provides you with reliable, functional, and cost-effective. It is a huge collection of data storage, analytics, deployment, and networking. AWS Solution Architect certification and other AWS certifications help in rewarding careers in this domain.

It is currently at the top of the list with the largest public cloud market share. it also provides you with the service of infrastructure and is the first to offer this. in terms of support and functionality, it has a good evolved technological advantage.


So here we will discuss the benefits of Google cloud and why you should choose this.

  1. The payment confirmation and instant are offered by the google cloud.
  2. Employees can work from anywhere in the world.
  3. The data analytics of Google cloud is very powerful.
  4. It allows you to connect to the cloud service as it provides a serverless environment.
  5. Future-proof infrastructure is there.
  6. You can get a good discount for lifetime subscriptions so it is cost-effective also.

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Here are some benefits of an Amazon Web service and why you should choose Amazon Web service.

  • It only requires a small time to spend on the deployment of a new version of your website or any mobile app.
  • When your project needs high computing power the only option left is AWS.
  • Cost-effective as do not charge for unnecessary items that we are not using, only pay for what you use without any long-term commitment or upfront.
  • It allows companies to use familiar databases.
  • Allowed access with limitless capacities.


  1. If you go for any private or dedicated server for ownership it will cost you very high.
  2. The ownership compared to others is very low.
  3. Centralized billing and management are offered by Amazon Web services.
  4. Within a few clicks, you can deploy your application wherever you want all over the world.
  5. Amazon Web services offer you hybrid  capabilities
  6. Allow access quickly.


  1. More languages and Os is constantly included in the google cloud.
  2. The user experience is very good due to the good UI.
  3. Pooling and Rapid elasticity are responded to.
  4. On-demand self-service is offered by google cloud.
  5. Broad network access.

COMPARISON B/W AWS vs Google Cloud


  1. Cost- On the basis of per-minute cost is charged.
  2. Age- 6 years
  3. Feature- It has the feature of computing big data and is new in the cloud scene.
  4. Main Service- Compute engine 
  5. Object Storing- Google cloud storage
  6. File Storage- Cloud filestore
  7. Hybrid Support- For hybrid support, it relies on the partner.
  8. Available Zones- These services are available in 20 different zones 
  9. Data Transmission Format- Data is transferred in fully encrypted form.
  10. Companies Using-Many big companies such as Bugsnag, Policygenius, Point hound, etc.


  1. Cost- On the basis of per hour cost is charged.
  2. Age- 11 years
  3. Feature- It offers cloud-based products and services and dominates the public cloud market.
  4. Main Service- Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2.
  5. Object Storing- AWS S3
  6. File Storage- Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)
  7. Hybrid Support- It manages virtual tape infrastructure for a hybrid environment.
  8. Available Zones- It is available in 21 different zones.
  9. Data Transmission Format- In general format.
  10. Companies Using- Icarros, Valera, Eat with Eva, etc.

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With AWS it can be tailored with a large number of options and the main offering is EC2. For app deployment, the EC2 container service provides related services such as Elastic Beanstalk.

Google clouds come with disk storage, promise consistent performance, and can be customized according to the needs of the customer.


  • Its process is a bit lengthy and can take up to 15 to 20 minutes to start for a simple website.
  • Multiple app installs are a difficult process in AWS.
  • The application does not deploy on its own you have to do it using recipes or manually.
  • Unreliable deployment occurs without an error description.


  • The features are not as given by AWS.
  • It doesn’t provide you with any free features, everything costs in the google cloud.
  • It is difficult to start and has small components.


So Google Cloud and AWS are equally great. The thing that matter is what your taxi Application Development Services want so you have to decide according to the requirements and the features that are needed and how much your organization is ready to pay.

And a good cloud service will enhance your business and grow it in the market so you should always pick the right one according to the needs of the organization since a w s is very old in the market you can always prefer it if you are in any confusion of choosing one.


If you want to learn cloud computing and you are a fresher or recently passed out from the college you should prefer learning AWS as it has a simple user interface. As AWS is a widely used cloud platform it will be easier to learn it as many youtube videos tutorials are present on the internet on how to use its services.

You can also find many AWS communities that will be more helpful to your learning as when you are facing any problem you can ask questions in that community and the experts related to a w s will answer you the question in a very good manner you can also get many different hand-on exercises for practicing the AWS and learning them more easily.

If you are thinking of going into cloud computing jobs as a fresher you can opt for the AWS cloud learning as it is asked by many hired android application development companies but if you want to go for specialized fields like big data or machine learning you should prefer Google cloud services. Most of the entry-level positions require AWS as the base.

In the job market, AWS is in the upper hand. But high demand is not always good as when they demand the skills you have to go for the Google cloud services.

You can also think of one more thing the skills that are not in demand have lower competition for the jobs as people go for the jobs which are in demand but if you learn your heart out only by using google cloud then you have a definite chance to get a good job.

Regardless of the cloud, you are choosing you should always make sure to learn the core fundamentals in a very focused way as they play a key role in any system.

Your time will not be wasted if you choose to learn any of the skills. If you are in any condition and want to become a high-level cloud consultant anyway you have to learn all the skills together so whatever you learn it by your heart and with full dedication.

So I hope from this blog you came to know about both the cloud service provider and which one you should go for.


  1. Which one should I prefer for cloud computing?

As we mentioned in the blog above you can go for any of the options according to your requirement and other factors depending upon you or your organization. Both have similar bases but are used differently in different places.