Top 10 Websites To Get Anime App Icons For Free

Everyone loves Anime icons, but the problem is that not many of us think about using them. Even if we do, we can’t find the right website which can provide us with these icons. So in this blog, we are here with the top 10 best websites where you can find free anime app icons.

Best 10 websites to get anime app icons

With their stunning animation and gripping storylines, the popularity of anime continues to soar. So has the use of anime icons for websites and icons. 

Anime app icon have famous anime faces. You can use anime app icons in your Android and iOS apps. People also use them on Instagram or other social media apps for sending messages.

The mind-blowing animated icons are customizable and come in different formats. So, let’s dive into the details of the top 10 websites where you can find and download anime app icons for free. 

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Best sites to get anime app icons for free

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best websites to find anime app icon. You can go to Pinterest and search “Anime Icon” to find millions of free anime icons. If you have a particular type of icon in your mind, you can type that like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. 

Pinterest has millions of free anime icons, and all are free to download.

2. Iconarchive

Iconarchive is another excellent website where you can find free anime icons for apps. You can find these anime icons in plenty of different designs. You can quickly type the name of the character, series, or theme to search for a particular icon. Further, Iconarchive has anime app icons in various sizes for social media, games, or apps. 

3. FindIcons 

Another excellent website for free anime icons for iPhone, Android, or Windows is FindIcons. The website offers a big database for anime app icons. Further, the website has a sophisticated search and filter feature that helps people find icons quickly. You can filter your search by size, relevance, 3D, or other options. All the icons on FindIcons are free to use and download. 

4. Iconfinder

One more website to get anime app icon for free. The website offers over five lakh anime app icons for iPhone and Android. The icons are available in SVG, PNG, and AI formats. 

You can find anime app icon divided into many categories, and you can search for icons as per your needs. Whether you are looking to download the icons for your website design or messages anime app icon on social media, Iconfinder is one of the reliable websites to look for them. All are available to download for free. 

5. Dribbble

Dribbble is one of the most popular websites where people share their creative designs and work. So, you can also find anime app icons for Android and iPhone here

You can pick the free anime icon from thousands of designs on the site. If you want to download any icon, you must first Signup on to the website. After signing, you can download the icons for free. The icons are available in comics, anime art, naruto, manga art, chibi, fanart, etc. 

6. Icons8

Icons8 offers free anime app icons for websites, iPhones, and Android.   You can use these icons for social media profiles like Facebook or Twitter. Though the anime app icon at Icons8 do not offer animation, the images are of high quality to use on social media. You can download the icons for free. 

7. Flaticon 

Flaticon is one of the best free websites to find icons. The website offers over 19 million free vector icons. The creators can find icons for their mobile apps, websites, and illustrations. You can find anime app icon for your design projects and download them. 

8. iconmonstr

Another website to find Android and iPhone anime app icons. The website offers icons in black and white. In your presentations, you can use these icons for your websites, blogs, social media, or graphics. The icons are available in formats like .svg,.eps,.psd, and.png. You can convert the icons to the.ico format to use them on the Windows system.

9. Dryicons 

Dryicons is another website to find all kinds of unique icons, from free to premium icons. You can find hundreds of icons on the website, free to download. You can search for the icons by entering the category and can find the icon best suitable for your project. 

10. Ionicicons

Ionicicons offers a wide variety of icons, backgrounds, and other designs. You can also find wallpapers, stickers, and more to download. The website offers smooth navigation and easy search to find the icons quickly. Further, you can also sort the icons by type and category while searching. 

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So, these are the top 10 best websites to find Anime app icons. Icons play a significant role in any design. They are a creative way of communicating a message or developing a theme. 

People like anime app icons for their animation effects, colorful prints, and various choices. Hope this blog will help you find your favorite Anime app icons easily.