777 Live Score App – Best App for Live Scores

Hate to miss watching the sport you love? Now you will never miss any sports and their scores. Want to know how? The answer is 777 Live Score App. Read the blog to find out the complete details of the 777 Live Score app.

777 Live Score App

Are you a sports lover? But you cannot find time to watch your favorite sport. We have a mid-way solution for you.

You can check the live scores of the games you love on the go. Now it is easier to view the live scores of all the sports on the 777 live score app.

Nothing can beat the experience of watching the sport you love live. Bit, if that is not possible, you can keep a real-time check of the whole game.

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What is the 777 Live Score?

777 Live Score is one of the best sports Apps for all who love sports. The app gives updates on live scores in real-time on your smartphone.

Further, you can also view the statistics and results of major sports on your phone. The app is available for Android users only.

The users can see the latest information on the sports like Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, and Mixed Martial Arts.

The app offers a simple and user-friendly interface, making it even easier for the app users to get live updates.

Features of 777 Live Score App

The 777 Live Score App offers many unique features that help users keep track of their favorite sports on the go. We have put together a list of all the features of the app below:


The app users can set their favorite teams, players, and matches. It will help them follow the scores and updates of their favorite teams and sports only. It is a great way to customize the app and save time.

Live Scores

The app shows all the live scores of major sports in real-time. All the scores and fixtures are updated in live mode. The app users can watch live scores of top premier leagues, including football, Hockey, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, and Mixed Martial Arts.

Push Notifications

The 777 live score app alerts all the essential activities and highlights of the matches and premier leagues. You will get a notification when the match starts, if a team gets a goal, or when the match ends. With the 777 live score app, the users never miss any critical highlights of the sport.


The app users can stay updated on the minute details of all the major sports leagues. The app covers all the popular leagues.

We have listed some top sports leagues that 777 live scores cover:

  • English Premier League
  • Bundesliga
  • La Liga
  • Ukrainian Premier League
  • Eredivisie
  • Liga MX
  • Argentine Primera
  • Brasileirao
  • Serie A
  • Major League Soccer
  • Russian Premier League

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Head2Head scores

If you watch matches having nails in your mouth, you might be interested in this feature the most.

The 777 Live Scores app lets users compare the statistics and scores of two opposite teams side by side. It gives them a broad idea of the cut-throat competition between teams.

Live Zone

Sports lovers can get the experience of watching a live game right on their smartphones. The Live Zone feature of the 777 score app shows an animated projection of the live match and premier league. The users get the experience of watching the match live in the stadium.

Further, you can also watch live statistics and text translations of the full match commentary.

Tournament profile

The feature shows the live scores and the final results of the whole tournament. It gives users a quick update on the scores of the whole tournament.

In addition, the users can also view up-to-date schedules of future matches of the tournament.

Match Lists

The users can view full details of all the premier league matches. The app shows the results of all the past matches. Also, they can get a full schedule of the upcoming games and matches. You can see the date and time of the broadcasting of future matches.

Team Profile

The users can view live updates about a particular team and complete statistics about their favorite team. The app shows how many matches the team played in the past, how many won, and how many lost. Further, they can also see the details of the team’s upcoming matches.

In-depth Player details

Get detailed information about any player you admire. The users can view their sports history. For instance, the number of matches played by the player, the number of records made, the team for which the player plays, and more; you can see all of this right on the app.

777 Live Score App Pricing

So, is the app free, or will I have to buy a subscription? The app is entirely free to download and use. There is no subscription as the users can access all the features at zero cost.


The 777 Live Score is an excellent app for busy schedules, but they like to stay updated on their favorite sports. Stay updated on the live scores of the sports you love on the go.